Research Projects

Project title Amount in Rs (million) Agency Project ID No. Status: Submitted / Approved / Completed
Tailoring the Substitution Pattern on Indanone and thiazolidinedione Core for Targeting Enzymes Associated with Alzheimer’s Disease: Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluations 8.68 HEC 20-14513/NRPU/R&D/HEC/2021 2021 Approved
Structure-based design and optimization of dihydropyrimidine-pteridine analogues as inhibitors of leishmania pteridine reductase and dihydrofolate reductase 5.2 HEC 5291/Federal/NRPU



Design, synthesis and computational studies of dihydropyrimidine based urease and thymidine phosphorylase inhibitors 0.5 HEC PM-IPFP/HRD/HEC